The places in people


‘The Places in People’ is a series about how certain places and memories can define how people see themselves. Our identity is not just linked to people or stories, but also to the places in our life that have meant so much to us. Creating this series reaffirmed that for me, as each person had a story behind why they choose a certain place to be featured in their portrait. That place was their current home, their old home, where they grew up, where they were a child, where they learnt how to play and learnt how to say goodbye. Most of all, they were places that helped shape each of them into who they are today.

Featured on the front cover of Woroni and Joint Winner of the Bruce Hall Art Show 2017.


Models: Tracy Beattie, Vanessa Chen, Hero Cook, Shibanni Dave, Matthew Flower, John Fredericks, Ethan Gardiner, Mina Kim, Ffion Olearczyk, James Patterson, Anna Penington, Phoenix Tian, Ellie van Veen and Cat Yeong.
Shot April 2017.